We are a revolting
tech company

Why we exist

Why we exist

The whole world has gotten into an unhealthy relationship with tech and it’s high time we fixed it.

As a society, we buy many more devices than we sell. And this tech deficit is putting huge pressure on the planet and on its precious resources.

And, to be fair, it’s costing you directly.

That’s right. When we hold onto unwanted or unused devices (for a backup, out of forgetfulness, etc.), not only are they not serving any purpose, they are also depreciating in value, fast.

Well, until now. Because we are changing it.

Tech is driving global CO2 emissions, but we’re putting the brakes on it.


Kg of CO2 saved in 2022

Tech consumes precious water, but we’re not washing our hands…


showers saved

Tech potential is being wasted, but we’re changing that.


devices refurbished or recycled (and counting…)

What makes
Spring different?

Free and easy

Pop devices in the post or drop it off at a local supermarket. At ZERO cost to you.

We won’t plant another sodding tree

Is it just us, or does every company offer to plant a tree. We’d never call it greenwashing – oh no, no – but frankly, it’s a responsibility dodge to avoid cleaning one’s own carbon act up. Plus, trees take decades to grow. And we need action now.

Value your tech. We do.

We are educating people about how the value of tech changes over time so they can make informed choices.