Stop. Before You Recycle Your Tech, Here’s What You Should Know

Stop. Before You Recycle Your Tech, Here’s What You Should Know

Your phone, laptop, iPad, or any other bit of tech, no doubt has a whole load of personal data on it. You’ve shared secrets, special moments, and stored memories. It’s practically your life. But don’t let that stop you from recycling your old tech. Here’s what you can do to make sure your personal data is safe and what we do to give you total peace of mind.

Is it safe to recycle old phones?

We take your personal data extremely seriously. We understand data safety is a big concern to you, and it should be, which is why we not only ask you to wipe your phone before dropping it off at one of our Spring Pods. We also erase your data at our workshop too. We use accredited data wiping software; it’s military-grade so top-notch when it comes to erasing anything left on your device. Find out more about our data safety here.

How do I erase everything on my phone?

It’s quick and easy to erase the data on your mobile phone, or on any device. Before you start, make sure you have all the content you want to keep backed up. You must also switch your iCloud sharing off, so you don’t lose this content from your iCloud storage too.

Once you’re all backed up, it’s simple. Go into your device settings and search ‘reset’ to restore it to factory settings or tap erase all data. This will completely wipe your device, including, apps, contacts, messages… the whole lot.

How do I remove my iCloud?

When you erase the content from your device you’ll also erase all iCloud sharing. Job done. Just make sure you switch your iCloud sharing off before you remove it. That way you’ll keep all your precious memories and contacts backed up in your iCloud account.

How to securely dispose of used tech?

With Spring it’s simple and safe to recycle any of your used, or new, tech. Set up your account at, add your tech, and pop it in one of our Spring Pods. We’ve got hundreds of Pods all over the UK. Find your nearest one here. Once your tech lands in our workshop we use accredited data wiping software to clear your data – just in case there’s any personal data left on your device. And that’s it. Super simple and safe.

Ready to trade in your tech? Great! Find out more about giving your used tech a new lease of life with Spring here.

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