Five Reasons to Trust Spring When Selling Your Tech.

Five Reasons to Trust Spring When Selling Your Tech.
Selling your pre-loved tech to just-some-random-company on the Internet feels like a leap of faith. How can you have confidence that you’ll get a fair price? Or that your phone or other device will arrive totally intact? Or that your data will be totally safe…
You send it to Spring, that’s how. 😉 And here’s 5 reasons why we’re the most trusted in the business.

1. No monkey business on valuations

There’s a whole range of possible valuations depending on the condition of your device. And it doesn’t just depend on the cosmetic wear (scratches and dings) but on the bits you can’t see like the battery, speakers, microphone, cameras, etc.

Which brings us onto the subject of monkey business…

When you go to some companies’ websites to sell your device, you get quoted a bumper price. The only problem is that it’s the maximum possible price you could get for it, not the average price paid out.

So while it looks good on paper, the final price you’re actually offered is likely to be knocked down significantly, which is a bit of a kick in the teeth.

Here’s what we at Spring do to make sure our estimates are accurate (and make sure your teeth stay intact).

1.We ask several questions about the condition of your device. It only takes an extra minute but it makes for a much more accurate estimate.
2.We give you a value range (£XX - XX) that shows the worst and best price you should expect, based on your answers.

At Spring, not only do we offer juicy prices compared to the industry average but we also give you that transparency too, paying within – or above – the value range 80% of the time.

2. Extra protection for your tech

Whether you’re selling this year’s iPhone or a trusty MacBook that’s no longer needed, you want to make sure that nothing can happen that might damage it. (Because tech is valuable after all.)

We’re on the same page as you, you’ll be pleased to hear. We want your tech to arrive at our workshop in the best possible condition as its best for our bottom line too. That’s why we offer the safest ways to send devices in the industry.

Let’s meet our two tough guys:

Our powerful Pouches

We could have used flimsy plastic jiffy bags or asked you to provide your own. Instead, we created the Arnold Schwarzenegger of mail packs – our super tough, weather-proof, padded, reusable Pouches are specially designed to keep your tech protected from bumps, jolts, drops or from any over-sized pets that might attack the postman.

And we keep it protected from the inside too. There are two different sizes of Pouch so you can send something as small as an iPhone Mini and ensure it won’t rattle around during posting.

Last but not least, your tech travels via free Royal Mail Special Delivery. (You read that right – nothing but the best for our Spring community!) And that also means your package is fully trackable and insured.

Our impregnable Pods

“Pods” are the name given to our self-service machines that let you conveniently drop off your device(s) in person.

They’re located in trusted partner stores, Co-op and Morrisons, which means that they are under constant supervision and are locked up at night.

They are also extremely heavy and well-built, with reinforced steel in the interior compartment, and are well padded to keep your tech safe until collection.

In summary – both inside and out, whether you pick a Pod or a Pouch, your tech is in safer hands with Spring.

3. Get a free Health Report

When your device arrives at Spring, it gets put through its paces by one of our tech-sperts.

This involves a 30-point-plus diagnostic check covering wear and tear – scratches, scuffs, dents and the like – plus a series of performance tests on the essential components, from the stuff you can see – screens and buttons – to the bits you can’t like gyroscopes and accelerometers.

At the end, our tech-sperts create a report detailing the exact physical fitness of your device and calculate the Final Guaranteed Value.

As well as sending you our final price, we’ll also upload a full Tech Health Report to your account so you’ve got a transparent overview.

If your Final Guaranteed offer is above or below the estimated value range, you’ll be able to see what affected the value in the report.

4. No leaks, ever

An important one, this. Our phones probably know far more about us than our mum, spouse or best friend put together so it’s no wonder many people are apprehensive about selling them on to a new owner.

Well, apprehend no more. We can assure you that if you use Spring, your data is safe. We invest in industry-leading data-wiping software to make it’s wiped, and stays wiped.

That way, your post-gym selfies will forever remain your secret. Which, let’s face it, is probably wise.

5. Your device, in the afterlife

Selling your tech is one of the lowest-effort, highest-impact ways to have a positive impact on the environment. Whichever reseller you use, you will be taking a step towards a greener future.

But Spring goes further.

For one, Spring promises that when you sell your smartphone, laptop, tablet, earbuds or smartwatch, nothing will end up in landfill. Zilch. Nada. Not a single gram...

But that’s not all. We also removed waste from the sending process. Whether you use our self-service Pods or free post service, no packaging is needed.

So, if you want to sell your device with minimum impact on the environment (and you most likely do), you know where to go….

Still wavering? Read our reviews.

So, there you have it. We’ve banged our chest and sounded our own trumpet a lot in this blog but we reckon we’re head and shoulders above the competition on safety, security and trust…

…and that’s worth SHOUTING ABOUT!

So, if you’ve been wavering about whether to sell your device, don’t. Spring accepts over 2,000 items – from phones, to laptops, to smartwatches, to games consoles – and we will love and care for every one of them.

Oh, and don’t just take our word for it. Head to our Trustpilot page and check out our customer reviews.

In fact, here’s one from just a couple of days ago at the time of writing this blog.

"Really good experience from start to finish, makes a change for a company buying mobile phones and tech equipment etc, to fill you with confidence rather than dread. For anyone who feels worried by the price range offered, rather than an exact price, fear not, it really is a much better system than someone who quotes you pounds and then offers you pennies…. (SLK, 14 April 2023)"

Thanks SLK. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. If you fancy selling your tech, no sweat and getting a really good experience from start to finish, go to

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